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Get Value From Day One

We realize the value for money is important to your business. In addition to our work advocating nationally for the industry, the Canadian Taxi Association delivers a range of member services that will start delivering value to your operation right away.

As a paid member, you will today automatically receive:

  1. Daily media reports of stories that affect our industry across Canada.
  2. Monthly newsletter full of news, tips and best practices delivered to your inbox.
  3. 15% discount on workshops and conference registrations.
  4. Access to research reports on new technology and best practices that can help your company or you as dependent contractor
  5. Access to social media content to help you with your social media outreach
  6. Access to the CTA member list
  7. Access to professional peer networking, development and education through its website, workshops and conferences.

Over the next year, we will also be adding access to:

  1. Member discounts with preferred suppliers and vendors, including car dealerships
  2. A central database of government funding and programs available to help you “green” your fleet
  3. Training programs on customer service
  4. A member forum for sharing information, ideas and best practices.
  5. Technology support to help you streamline dispatch, create mobile or online apps for ordering, enable point-of-purchase payment methods, implement fleet management software tools and adopt GPS systems.
  6. Marketing support including website templates, advertising support, social media help and other services.

Access to suppliers

When you become a member, you get access to these types of suppliers and more – Join now

  • Insurance
  • Transportation Management Software
  • Mobile Data Terminal services
  • Wheel Chair Accessible Services
  • Website developers and app developers
  • Car sales and parts

We want to know what you need to be more successful. We value our member’s needs. Tell us what you want as a member of the Canadian Taxi Association. Please fill out our very short survey [Link] and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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